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Patients from Alaska or Asia
During his fellowship training, patients came from a wide area, ranging from
out of state to other countries.  Therefore, Dr. Yee recognizes the special
needs of patients who travel long distances for medical care and has
experience in this area.  This office will make every attempt to schedule
appointments on short notice, consolidate treatment and follow-up as much
as is possible and safe, and help make your trip as easy as possible.

The office can advise you on hotels in the area, if necessary.

Directions to the Bellevue Office
The office is located in the Forest Office Park at 14505 Bel Red Road (NE
Bellevue-Redmond Road).  It is between 140th Ave. NE and 148th Ave. NE.

Driving instructions
From Seattle, take the 520 Bridge.  The 5th exit is 148th Ave NE (South).  After
taking the highway exit, continue on south on 148th Ave. for 3 blocks to Bel
Red Road.  There are two entrances to the Forest Office Park.  One is on
148th Ave. about 50 feet beyond Bel Red Road.  The other is on Bel Red Road
between 140th Ave. NE and 148th Ave NE (and close to 148th Ave NE).

For those who wish to minimize highway driving and are coming from Seattle,
get into the 520 bridge at Mountlake Blvd. near the University of Washington
and Husky Stadium.  Drive for one exit and exit at 84th Ave. in Medina
immediately after you cross the bridge.  After exiting the highway, turn right to
84th Ave NE, drive one block, turn left to 24th St.  Drive until 24th St. ends at
Bellevue Way NE and turn right.  Turn left at 12th St.  12th St. turns into Bel
Red Road.  The office is at 14505 Bel Red Road.

For those who wish to avoid highway driving completely, take Lake City
Way/Bothell Way north through Lake Forest Park and Kenmore.  
1. Turn right at 68th Ave. NE (after Ostrom's Drug Store but before Safeway
and Rite Aid), drive 2 stop lights
2. Turn left at NE 170th St., drive 1.9 miles to the end of the road then turn right
(100th Ave NE).
3. Turn left to NE 132nd St.  
4. Immediately after passing I-405 (overhead) turn right to Totem Lake Blvd.  
Totem Lake Blvd. changes name to 124th Ave. NE.
5. Turn left to NE 85th St. (WA-908).  
6. Turn right to 148th Ave. NE.  Drive 4.6 miles to the Bel Red Road.  There is an
entrance to Forest Office Park on 148th Ave. NE immediately past Bel Red
Road.  Or, you may turn right at Bel Red Road and enter on the Bel Red Road
entrance between 148th Ave. NE and 140th Ave. NE

Click here to see a map to the Bellevue office

Directions to the Seattle Office

The office is located at 12750 Lake City Way NE in Seattle.  It is at the corner
of Lake City Way NE and NE 130th Street immediately south of the Fred Meyer

There is free parking behind the building.  Most people turn from Lake City
Way NE to NE 130th Street and then proceed to the parking lot behind the

There is frequent bus service on Lake City Way, including the 522 express
that travels from downtown Seattle with no stops until reaching Lake City.

Driving instructions
From I-5 South, exit 175 (NE 145th St.):  Go east on NE 145th St., turn left at
Lake City Way NE (McDonalds and Walgreens at this corner).  Turn left at the
stoplight at N. 130th St.  Park behind the office.

From I-5 North, exit 171 (Lake City Way):  Proceed on Lake City Way to NE
130th St.

From Laurelhurst and the University District:  Take Sand Point Way which
turns into NE 125th Street.  Turn right at Lake City Way NE then turn right on
NE 130th Street.

From the north:  Take Bothell Way (Highway 522) which turns into Lake City
Way.  Turn left at NE 130th Street (Chevron, Fred Meyer, Wells Fargo Bank,
and this office are the 4 buildings at this intersection).

Latest medical equipment
The office was designed specifically for medical and ophthalmic offices.  It
incorporates the newest medical and eye equipment.  Thoughtful building
design with specifications tailor made for ophthalmology and gynecology was
utilized to enhance and improve the delivery of advanced eye and medical

If you are considering cosmetic surgery and require enhanced privacy, the
office has been designed with private areas to sit away from the public
reception area.

Patients may be happy to know that this office has among the newest and
modern medical equipment in Seattle.   In some cases, this required obtaining
specialized equipment made in Europe and Japan or other countries.

Architectural facilities
This office was designed by architect Mark Travers.  It was constructed in
2006 by Oquist Construction.  The principal of Oquist Construction, Mr. Art
Oquist, is known for his woodwork, as well as attention to detail in general

The use of environmentally friendly building material was used whenever
possible.  For example, the use of carpeting as been reduced for the benefit of
allergy sufferers and to reduce the amount of carpet glue vapor.  However,
generous padded carpet has been placed in the hallway for your walking
comfort.  The wood selected for the office has been chosen from renewable
forests.  Lighting with motion sensors was installed to reduce the use of
electricity in order to save some of our precious natural resources in our

The original foundation and outer structure was designed by Seattle architect,
Philip C. Sawers.

Forest Office Park
14505 Bel Red Road, Suite 100
Bellevue, Washington 98007
(425) 283-1920

12750 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, Washington  98125
(206) 364-6060                           

Free parking at both offices
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