Ophthalmic Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery
Our goal is to provide the best possible service and medical care to you. We
strive to be the trusted and respected oculoplastics (ophthalmic plastic and
reconstructive surgery) practice in the Pacific Northwest and southern Alaska.

In working toward this goal for each and every patient, one person at a time,  
we  strive  to give you all the attention and time that you need in a respectful,
compassionate, and technologically advanced atmosphere.  

Vision and eye care goals

Our  goal is to provide the highest standard of care and treatment of your eyes.  
Dr. Yee takes into account your entire body when taking care of your eyes.  For
example,  if you are diabetic,  he  will  not  just  prescribe you glasses (if that is
what  is  needed) but  he  will  monitor  health  of  your  eyes.    This  is  because
diabetes  can  cause  complications  and  eye problems, some of which require
immediate attention.

Dr.  Yee  can  assess  your  eyes  for  damage  from  glaucoma.    If undetected,
glaucoma  will  damage  the  optic  nerve such that irreversible loss of vision is

If  you  or  your  friends  have procrastinated and not had an eye exam recently,
consider  having  your eyes examined by Dr. Yee or the ophthalmologist of your

If you need surgery
Having surgery is not a common experience for most of us.  Dr. Yee recognizes
the  anxiety  that  people  may  have  towards  surgery.    He  has  the  benefit of
recent  residency  and  fellowship  training  so  that  you  may  receive the most
advanced and up-to-date care.  During your consultation, Dr. Yee will thoroughly
discuss  the options  with  you  to  ensure  that  you  have  explored  all avenues
before a decision is made.

Cosmetic goals
If you are interested in cosmetic improvement, our goal is to do what is best for
you.    Whether that means having cosmetic surgery,  advising  you  no t to have
cosmetic surgery,  or taking a non-surgical treatment  approach,  Dr. Yee  will
exercise his skill and judgment in order to achieve the goals set by the patient
and doctor team.  One of Dr. Yee's foremost goal is not to do surgery unless it
is absolutely necessary or jointly decided by the patient-doctor team.

Dr.  Yee   regards   cosmetic   surgery   and  other  cosmetic  techniques  as  a
combination of art and modern science.  He has a keen sense of harmony and
balance.    He  understands  the  elements  of  beauty, whether the patient is of
Northern European ancestry or from another part of the world.

When the patient is Asian, Dr. Yee will address special features of Asian eyelid
anatomy in order to achieve a natural and youthful appearance.

Dr.  Yee   has   also   had   extensive   surgical   experience  in  patients of Latin
background  and  the  special  aesthetic  considerations in working with eyelid
and eyebrow of Latin patients.

Dr. Yee is one of the few surgeons in the Seattle area with fellowship training in
ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery,   also  known  as  oculoplastics,
for  short.      This  sub-specialty   is  trained  to  do  eyelid   reconstruction   and
cosmetic  eyelid  surgery.    As  a  result  of  this  training,  Dr. Yee has a special
understanding of cosmetic surgery of this area of the face.  

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