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Dr. David Yee welcomes patients with eye, vision, or cosmetic concerns.  His
sub-specialty  is  ophthalmic  plastic and reconstructive surgery, also known
as oculoplastics.    This  is  the  sub-specialty  that deals with problems of the
eyelid,  eyebrow,  tear drainage system  and structures that surround the eye.
Examples of ophthalmologic (eye) problems include:
blurry vision
need for glasses
eye irritation
foreign body in the eye (something in the eye)
people with diabetes
macular degeneration

Examples of oculoplastic problems include:
droopy eyelids or eyelid
baggy eyes
excessive skin or fat over the eyes
wrinkles in the skin
skin lesions around the eyelid (including skin cancer)
epiphora (excessive tearing)
dry eye problems
eyelid reconstruction
eye problems caused by thyroid problems
creating a double eyelid for Asian patients
facial cosmetic problems

Blepharoplasty  (cosmetic eyelid surgery),  of  which several types are offered
depending on what is best for you, is only one of the many surgical techniques
offered.       Botox,  Restylane and Juvederm  are  some  of  the  non-surgical  
techniques available.  

Dr. David Yee also can see you for general eye problems such as blurry vision,
cataracts,  glaucoma,  eye screening for diabetic patients,  need for a glasses
prescription, and other eye problems.

Those who have general medical problems or women with gynecological
problems are welcome to come to the practice of Dr. Richard Yee.

Forest Office Park
14505 Bel Red Road, Suite 100
Bellevue, Washington 98007
(425) 283-1920

12750 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, Washington  98125
(206) 364-6060                           

Free parking at both offices
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patients can be treated by Dr. David Yee
.  This website is for informational purpose only.  It
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Dr. David Yee specializes in ophthalmology and ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive
surgery (oculoplastics).  The office is in
Bellevue on Bel Red Road near 148th Ave NE (close
to the main Microsoft campus and Fred Meyer) and in
Seattle on Lake City Way.  The Seattle
is very close to the University District (U-District), Laurelhurst, Ravenna, Norhtgate and
other neighborhoods. Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Bothell are minutes away.
Bellevue office is close to Redmond and Kirkland and not too far to Woodinville and
Mountlake Terrace.  
 Residents in Edmonds, Everett, and others cities may find the office
convenient because of free parking and easy access to the office.   Ophthalmic plastic and
reconstructive surgery is
field that takes care of not only cosmetic problems but also
functional problems of the
eyelid, tear drainage structures, and part of the eye called the

Services performed include eye exams, cataract surgery, treatment of glaucoma, ptosis
(droopy eyelid), blurry vision, dry eye syndrome, refraction (determination of glasses
prescription), macular degeneration, ectropion, entropion, blepharospasm, itchy eyes, and
other problems.  Botox, Restylane and Juvederm are some of the cosmetic treatments

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