Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Botox Cosmetic, also known as Botox, is only one of the different non-surgical
techniques that are available from Dr. Yee’s office.  

Dr. Yee will discuss and explain to you whether or not Botox is the best
alternative for you.  

Patients  who decide  that  Botox  is  the  best  alternative  for them are usually
pleased  to  know  that  all  Botox  treatments  are  given  by Dr. Yee.     He never
delegates  this  procedure  for a  nurse  to  do.        His  fellowship  training  and
extensive experience in administering Botox during fellowship, rather than just
taking a short course,  has  given  him  the  skill  and expertise to give Botox as
effectively and cosmetically appealing as possible.  He will administer Botox in
the best locations and dosages, as well as in the most pain-free manner

Dr. Yee also administers Botox for functional medical problems, such as
blepharospasm or hemifacial spasms.

Questions about Restylane and other techniques?
There are many instances where Botox is not the best treatment to receive.  In
some cases, Restylane is advantageous.    In  other  case,  there  are still other  
non-surgical and/or surgical modalities that are better suited to your cosmetic

Dr. Yee will exam you and discuss with you what is best for your needs and

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